Sotiria Togia was born in 1966 in Athens and she has been creating jewellery since 1987. She was taught the principles of jewellery art, by master goldsmiths. Due to her own personal research in ancient Greek jewellery techniques, she has developed her own expression through the creation of original handmade jewellery designed to the highest standard in her field.

Since 1994, she has been living and working on Crete, together with her partner in work and life Giorgos.

Giorgos Papadopoulos, born in Athens in 1960, he studied as a chemist, but since 1992 has been devoted to jewellery creation. Giorgios' main interest is gemstones selection, cutting and shaping. 

Together they created the K22 JEWELLERY DESIGN studio, in Rethymno where they work and exhibit their newest collections.

The jewellery created in the workshop is fashioned with precious metals such as 18 or 22 karat gold as well as silver. Gemstones of all kinds,shapes and value are prevalent in their collections. They present their work annually at exhibitions in Greece and Europe and in selected shops. read more


Gallery and Workshop

K22 HANDMADE JEWELLERY design is situated in the old town of Rethymno in Crete. Sotiria Togia and Giorgos Papadopoulos create handmade unique pieces in gold or silver. Their inspiration comes mostly from the nature and everyday's life. Their work while displaying techniques used in ancient Greece, also exhibits their own personal style and development through their years of experience in the jewellery art. They keep on creating,learning and enjoy life along with their daughters.

Their work is presented annually in domestic and international exhibitions, in selected shops in Greece and abroad and their studio in Rethymno. read more



Portfolio Presentation

 The photos are presenting characteristic designs of the period 1990-2000. see more